Mid Winter Games

Bus/Event Information for Athletes, Parents & Caregivers

Some last minute bullet points, and reminders before we head to Iowa City for the first time in 2 years. 

1.  The buses will pick us up at the Wal Mart on Floyd Blvd.  Please park in the parking lot adjacent to the Murphy USA Gas Station.  This parking lot runs parallel to Floyd Blvd. 
2.  The buses will begin loading at 07:30 am, and will be leaving at 08:00 am sharp.  Please be on time.  There is a mission to the madness with bus assignments.  Please check with Sue on Friday am for your bus assignment. 
3.  Lanyards will be provided for all of the athletes too wear on the bus, and while in Iowa City.  No, you don’t have to wear your lanyard while you are competing.  The lanyards are just another level of safety we believe our athletes deserve, and need. 
4.  Chaperones, Parents, Coaches, and staff have 1 goal this coming weekend;  Ensure our athletes stay safe, and have a wonderful experience at the State Games. 
5.  Athletes remember your meds, inhalers, etc.  Bring an extra day supply of meds if you are able.  We never know what the weather will be.  
6.  Eat breakfast before boarding the bus.  We will be stopping in Waterloo at at location TBD for a lunch break.  We will also stop on our trip home for a supper break.  A continental breakfast will be served at the hotel on Saturday am, with a Turkey sandwich lunch at the various competitions. 
7.  If the athlete’s emergency contact information sheets haven’t been turned in, please do so before we depart on Friday.  2 Copies please. 
8.  Please ensure your athlete has enough money to cover a lunch stop on the trip to Iowa City, and a dinner stop on the way home.  Souvenirs will also be for sale. 
9.  Hockey tickets for Friday night’s game will be distributed on the bus, and at the Hyatt.  Bring additional money if you want a snack at the hockey game. 
10.  I am “guessing” we will be back in Sioux City between 10 and 11 pm on Saturday.  Have transportation arranged when we arrive.  We can make calls on our way home with a more precise ETA. 
11.  Team Basketball, and Basketball Skills schedules have been posted to Facebook.
12.  Dress Accordingly!! it looks like the weather will be cold.  We will be walking to the hockey game on Friday evening after our banquet.  Powerlifting will be walking to the Pro Fit Gym on Saturday am.  Basketball Skills will be walking to their venue on Saturday.  The dance team in preforming at the Hyatt (where we are staying), while the Basketball Teams will be bussed to the Field House. 

Thank you